The Story

Hula Moose and PaniolosThe story is about two yearling moose separated from their mothers, who meet and begin a search to reunite with their families. While searching, they mingle with a herd of longhorn cattle destined to be gifts from Captain George Vancouver for the Great King Kamehameha of Hawaii Island. The young moose pair are mistaken for a type of cow by Vancouver's inexperienced crew and captured with the rest of the cattle sailing to the island. Upon landing in Hawaii, they escape during a storm to the high mountain forests of the massive volcano Mauna Loa. They enjoy the cool climate on the mountain and the snow on the peak reminds them of their home in Canada. Over the years the moose remain free, share great adventures and raise a family. They are seen on rare occasions by cowboys searching for cattle, but only briefly as the moose prefer to live in solitude. These sightings, rejected by most as fable, spawned the "Legend of the HULA MOOSE."

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